The New Frontier in Medical Prevention

Biomatrix is the fusion of your identity with your way of life. We coined the term meaning that we generate a UNIQUE profile of you. We provide you the tools and ways generate your biometric, such as your face and voice; biomedical records that you can upload, and social factors, such as stress exercise, stepsd, sleep, etc. WHEN YOU ADD the geolocation of your activities, historical or IN REAL TIME, people with illnesses, such as stress, hipertension, insomnia, Alzheimer, cardiac patients, Down Syndrome, just to name a few ; will have the security that their health status is being monitored with the latest, most advanced Medical Triage Predictive-Preventive personnel in the industry

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The whole idea of the Biomatrix is the conjunction of the concept of HYPERLOCALITY. This principle bases it's existance in the toral axiom of fusion of the IDENTITY of the member , the GEO-SPATIAL LOCATION of the moment in which a reading is collected or produced and the BIO ELECTRICAL condition of the individual, limited to the capability of the sensor device.

The services of the Biomatrix will allow the member to have a predictive analysis of health conditions, and most of all, the capability to have a predictive -preventive cloud service, that can monitor and track the conditions and alert you of possible impending conditions that merit immediate attention. Conditions such as Down Syndrome, Alzheimer's, hypoglycemia, cardiac conditions, renal failure, can be monitored continuously for a fraction of current costs.

The benefits of providing a tool to any person with the capability to be monitored for health conditions, brings an exponential benefit for anyone.

The Basics of the BioMatrix

The principle that evolved into the term that we generated as the BioMAtrix, is born of the common sense of the necesesity of having a simple, affordable solution and service, that will PREDICT, AND PREVENT emergency situations in a group of the population with several medical conditions that require monitoring. This multidisciplinary effort of engineers, doctors, chemists, agronomists, biologits, and many other ciencies, comes from a VOCATION to help our fellow mankind, because each one of the members of the developers team have a family member with a medical condition that requires a form of constant monitoring. Following is a brief explanation of what we provide to the public as tools available to them,

  • Monitor Status

    The Biomatrix ope API allow the user to add any kind of sensor device that can connect through a Bluetooth connection to your cellular phone wifi, or smart watch so your information is uploaded to the cloud. All your available status conditions will be available at the tip of your fingertips, helping you maintain a healthier life.

  • Medical Record Support

    Biomatrix Leverages the use of Information technologies, the advent of smartphones so we can connect your Medical practitioner, Heath care provider or relative, of any abnormnal conditions that you might present, based on your information and the Status Monitor available such as the Personal Emergency response Systems

  • TRIAGE Support

    The Open concept of the Biomatrix emphasizes its flexibility by taking the existing services, and integrate them to further increase their efficiency and reduce the Time of Response . Nurse Call Centers and other specialized Triage Telephone Centers will greatly benefit from this new tools.

  • Fitness and Sports

    The Ultimate Fitness concept of open input. Any new wereable BT enabled device, will be able to be added to the al;ready existing devices. A historical Report of their fitness activities, or other data that their monitoring devices are measuring.


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