The technology

The technological advancements regarding diagnosis and monitoring of Health conditions has made quantum leaps in growth in the past 3 years, with many more sensors, wearable biometric devices, and performance of such devices.

The pragmatical approach to solve what was until today a complex issue of patient monitoring and remote care are  by investing huge amount of resources , can now be achieved with consumer of the shelve (COTS) products.

This approach of not inventing the wheel, but rather take the existing wheels and make a  transport vehicle out of them. This simplistic approach has allowed us to develop and implemented a solution that is by far a cost of today’s hospital monitoring services.

Our solution and business model is to provide a much better and afordable service, that will reach any economic level of society in the world. We can make a change in the level of attention, support and service to those who have the most needs with the less resources.

AFTER ALL, a healthy person, is a happy person.

Initially our core patient segment is considered for the chronic diseases which are prevalent in today’s society: Down Syndrome , Autism, Alzheimers,  Tourette’s,  hypertension, epilepsy, to name a few.